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Visitors Insurance :


What is Visitors to Canada Insurance?

Visitors to Canada insurance offers protection against the chances of facing an unexpected emergency illness or accidental injury during your stay in the country. If you are planning to visit Canada or you are already here for purposes like studying, job opportunities, or simply for exploring the beauty of this country, it is crucial to register for visitor visa insurance. If you have your parents, wife, and kids visiting, it is more than vital to get health insurance for visitors to Canada

In Canada, medical costs can be financially draining if you or your visiting family member are not insured. Medical protection is a necessity, especially when you are abroad. Therefore, Insurance4u urges everyone to get visitor visa insurance to Canada when they plan a trip to this full-of-opportunities country. For your convenience, Insurance4u is here to offer affordable coverage and gives you the freedom of buying contemporary visitor insurance packages online, which will save you time and money.

For the Super Visa application, it is mandatory to own a visitor to Canada medical insurance. Moreover, it is also a requirement for the International Experience Canada (IEC) visa procedure.

Visitors to Canada health insurance offers affordable emergency medical coverage if the visitor meets an accident or develops a sudden illness. It is true that medical services in Canada are not as expensive as in the US, but healthcare can be costly for visitors who are not insured. If you are not a medical insurance policyholder, unaffordable medical bills can catch you off-guard. When you are a policyholder for medical insurance for visitors to Canada, Insurance4u will protect you from suffering any substantial financial setbacks that can come along with a major illness. Apart from that, we also provide for extra coverage like sending a family member to visit or stay with you in the hospital, emergency transfer to your country of origin/citizenship, or out-of-pocket expenses for attending a sick travel companion in the hospital.

Insurance Coverage

All visitors to Canada insurance policies differ from one another and greatly depend on the language used in the contract. To give you an example of how much a visitor health insurance in Canada covers, below is the list of benefits that an insured individual can take advantage of:

(1) Emergency Hospitalization: The insurance company will pay for everything from hospital accommodation, like semi-private rooms to reasonable services and supplies mandatory for your emergency care when you are admitted to a hospital as a patient. These services also include medication or drugs prescribed by your physician.

(2) Emergency Medical Services: The insurance company will pay for all the services, including supplies and treatment from a certified health practitioner during your stay in Canada. The only condition is that the health official can not be related to you by blood or marriage.

(3) Prescription Drugs and Medicines: A visitor medical insurance in Canada will cover the expenses that concern drugs and medications prescribed by a health care professional. A cost of $1000 is accustomed for medications that are required to stabilize a medical condition that you developed before your trip with a 30-day supply.

(4) Ambulance Services: The insurer will provide the policyholder with the means of using a licensed local land, air, or sea ambulance. It includes mountain and sea evacuation as well to the nearest hospital whenever necessary.

(5) Emergency Dental Services: A visitor visa insurance for Canada from Insurance4u will reimburse a sum of $4000 for emergency dental services that include treatment for injured whole or sound natural teeth due to damage caused by an accident or as a result of a direct injury to the face. The treatment for the dental emergency must take place within the first 48 hours of the claim and should be completed within the policy period and prior to your return to your country of origin/citizenship.

(6) Repatriation: If you die as a result of covered sickness or injury in Canada as visitors to Canada insurance policyholder , the insurer will reimburse:

(a) An amount of $10,000 for the preparation and return of your dead body in standard transportation back to your country of origin/citizenship.

(b) An amount of $5000 for the cremation and burial services at the place of death.

However, the cost of the coffin, urn, and funeral is not covered by the insurance policy.

(1)Transport Services for Family and Friends: If you are visiting the country alone, the insurer provides a sum of $3000 to cover the transport cost of up to two companions, that could be anyone from your family or close friends via round-trip economy class if:

(a) You are admitted to the hospital due to a covered sickness and the attending health care professional advises that your family members should be by your side.

(b) The local authorities need the attendance of your family members to identify your remains in case of an accident.

Tips for a safe visit to Canada as an insurance policyholder:

(1) Make sure that the travellers have their visitors to Canada insurance before they leave for the country so that there is no waiting period for the coverage.

(2) If two travellers are visiting Canada together, avoid putting both the names on the same policy. It is always best to get individual policies to avoid future complications.

(3) Always use a small deductible to reduce the cost. As a smart insurance policyholder, you should use the benefits for major financial setbacks, not the minor ones.

(4) If you want to know more about the difference in policies, you can always contact the professional insurance advisors team of Insurance4u by giving us a call.

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How to Calculate Visitors Insurance Cost and Apply?

Get a Quote: Use our online calculator from the Visitors Insurance Calculator to see the prices from all the Canadian Insurance providers we work with. You will get a list of all the quotes with different deductible options. Note that the Deductible/Excess is the amount of money that has to be paid by yourself before the insurance company pays out the rest, in case of a claim.

Select a Plan: Choose the quote that you like and click on the "Plan Details" button for the insurance plan you have selected. You will be re-directed to a webpage, where you can review coverage details for the particular Visitor Visa insurance policy.

Review the Coverage: Read the Summary of Benefits, Eligibility Requirements and other information outlined on the webpage. Once you have finished learning about the offered medical insurance for visitor visa insurance in Canada, you can click on the "Buy Now" button to begin your on-line application.

Application Form: In order to complete an application form to purchase your Visitor Visa insurance, all you need to do is to provide some basic personal and contact information. Once you have completed the application form, you will be contacted soon for further process.

What does Visitors Insurance cover?

Each Visitors Insurance plan is slightly different from one another. Yet, the summary of health benefits below outlines what is covered by all the plans we offer.

Note that a medical examination is not required for purchasing this type of health coverage.

  • Medical Care
  • Follow up Visits
  • Ambulance Services
  • Emergency Dental Repair
  • Accidental Dental
  • Various Laboratory Diagnostics/ X-Ray
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Services of a Medical Specialist i.e. chiropractor, surgeon, etc.
  • Hospitalization
  • Services of a Registered Nurse
  • Burial / Cremation
  • Rental or Purchase of Medical Appliances

The Visitors Insurance plan provides up to $300,000 worth of insurance coverage for non-Canadians working in Canada. This plan is available to visitors aged 69 or younger, and is ideal for an employee, who is not eligible for group coverage as a result of not being enrolled in the provincial health plan.


The amount of coverage that a Canada visitor insurance offers depends on the chosen plan by the person applying for it. The maximum coverage ranges from $15000 to $300000. When you contact Insurance4u to purchase an insurance policy, we will provide you with all the needed details and information, so you choose a plan that suits your requirements the best way possible.
As one of the leading health insurance for visitors to Canada providers, we have a range of options that you can consider when you are deciding to live in Canada for a substantial amount of time. Our customer service is efficient in dealing with all your problems regarding medical bills, emergency transport services, and other such complexities.
Common Questions for Visitors to Canada Insurance Policyholders:
In Canada, medical service providers like hospitals, dentists, and clinics prefer to work with Canadian insurance companies. There are many reasons behind this preference, but the most prominent one is because there is direct billing between hospitals and Canadian insurance companies. If you come face to face with a medical emergency, Canadian insurance companies can verify your claim faster than the insurance providers in your country of origin/citizenship. As a result, you will get reimbursed faster and can get medical attention on a more urgent basis.
Moreover, the standards of Canadian regulators that manage insurance companies are the highest in the world. That is why you can enjoy more benefits from a Canadian insurance policy rather than the one from your own country. Other than that, when you are in Canada, it is hard to find an insurance company in your home country as you will no longer be living there.
The medical costs for visitors in Canada can pile up to over $4000 per day. Apart from that, medical services like air ambulance charge to transport you back home. As a result, the overall expense can exceed the amount of tens of thousands of dollars. That is why Insurance4u recommends an amount of at least $100,000 of medical insurance coverage for your peace of mind.
Insurance4u recommends that you purchase your visitors to Canada insurance before you leave your country of origin/citizenship. If you buy a policy after your arrival in Canada, you will be subjected to a significant amount of coverage period. It could vary from a week to three months, depending on your legal status and reason for visiting the country. If you are a landed immigrant or you are visiting Canada on a working holiday visa, visitor insurance will make you eligible for medical coverage for any sickness or injury before the said coverage period is completed. Therefore, do not take any chances by waiting to purchase your visitors to Canada insurance policy after your arrival
Yes, it is possible to purchase a medical insurance policy for someone who is planning to visit the country soon. It is important for you to know that if a person who is related to you is coming to Canada under your sponsorship, you are responsible for their medical expenses if they can not afford them. So, even if they refuse to buy one, you will have to purchase an insurance policy for them anyway.
There are some companies that do offer discounts for people who are travelling together and need insurance coverage. However, Insurance4u will recommend that you buy two separate insurance policies for two individuals. This way, if both the visitors return home, and one of them did not submit a claim, they can ask for a refund. This can not happen if two people are insured under a single policy.
Yes, it is possible but there are certain terms and conditions as well. There are certain companies that offer medical coverage for pre-existing conditions if the applicant has been stable for a substantial amount of time ( three to six months ) before they leave their country of origin/citizenship. However, sometimes, the policy does not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions due to some insufficient information or documentation. Therefore, it is crucial that you read your policy contract thoroughly before making any transactions in order to mitigate any miscommunication in the future.
There are some pre-existing medical conditions that an insurance policy will cover, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart conditions. On the other hand, certain policies will only cover stable medical conditions after the strict screening of the applicants. There are also medical conditions that no insurance policy covers like a patient having a pacemaker, or if a person is on oral steroids for severe lung conditions. Moreover, a person who has a history of strokes, blood clots, and congestive heart failure or a heart murmur in the span of the last twelve months, may not be eligible for visitors insurance to Canada.
If you have more questions about the coverage of pre-existing medical conditions, contact us without hesitation.
Not necessarily. There is no need for any medical examination before you purchase an insurance policy. During the procedure, you will be asked a few medical questions so your medical application is as relevant as possible. It is crucial that you remain honest throughout the procedure to avoid the cancellation of your medical coverage. If there is a need for medical emergency attention during your stay in Canada, the insurance company will set an investigation that will determine whether the condition you are facing is pre-existing or not. If any false information regarding your medical history is detected, you can get in legal trouble in Canada
Yes. You can easily extend the coverage period of your insurance policy for up to one year. However, the only condition is that there are no prior or pending claims on the policy. You have to contact your insurance provider to confirm the rules and regulations regarding the extension of your policy.
As long as the applicant meets the eligibility criteria stated in the policy, they can apply for visitors to Canada travel insurance. The standard criteria include
  • The visitor should have the intention of working or travelling in Canada.
  • The applicant can be an immigrant waiting for government medical coverage approval.
  • Canadian citizens who are back in the country and are not yet insured under a provincial health plan.
Yes. If you want to know more about insurance policy discounts, call us at the given number or contact us by email. Our insurance advisors will give you all the details you need to know about convenient travelling to Canada under an insured policy
Your policy will start the medical coverage right after you arrive in Canada. After that time, the period that is spent in Canada is covered by the policy. Apart from that, the insurance policy will also cover the cost of any injury or accident outside of Canada. The only exception is your country of origin/citizenship, as a Canadian policy will not cover the medical expenses incurred in your home country. Please read our policy details by reading our insurance guidelines.
Even when your insurance policy will not cover the medical expenses of your pre-existing condition, it will surely help you with the medical bills that might incur due to an accident injury or illness.
It is crucial that you call your insurance company and notify them if you come face to face with an unfortunate accident and you need emergency hospitalization. As early as you notify the authorities, you will obtain the approval of expenses without any problem. If you fail to contact your insurance provider at the right time, it can result in decreased coverage.
Insurance4u is here to offer you the best insurance policies so you can stay in Canada without worrying about the medical expenses. It is natural to become a victim of an accident or an illness that can leave you in the hospital for a few days, if not weeks. To protect your banks from a substantial financial loss, it is smart that you get yourself insured. Call us right now to get yourself the best medical insurance for visitors to Canada from insurance4u.