An Overview of Benefits

Benefit Coverage Limit
Eligible For Super Visa, Visitors, New Immigrants, Foreign Workers, Returning Canadians and IEC / Working Holiday
Coverage Amounts $15,000 / $25,000 / $50,000 / $100,000 / $150,000
Accidental Dental Repair $4,000
Dental Pain Relief Up to $300
Childcare Expenses Up to $300
Pregnancy Complications Coverage Within sum insured
Meals and Accommodation $150 a day up to $1,500
Paramedical Services of chiropractor, osteopath, etc. Up to $70 per visit / $700 maximum
Bedside Companion Transportation Up to $3,000
Private Duty Nurse Within sum insured
Follow Up Treatment Covered until a physician declares an end of emergency
Prescription Drugs
Emergency Medical Care
Laboratory Diagnostics / X-Ray
Return of Deceased $3,000
Funeral Up to $6,000
Cremation Up to $3,000
Repatriation / Emergency Return Home Economy Class ticket or Air Ambulance
Rental or Purchase of Medical Appliances

Side-Trips Benefits

For all visitors planning to come to Canada, there are amazing side-trip benefits with Manulife super visa insurance. Manulife covers medical expenses for emergencies all across the world. However, your country of origin remains an exception in this case, along with any other region where you’re availing government health care plans.
An important thing to note here is that to be eligible for receiving the Side-trip benefits, your trip should start and end in Canada. Moreover, your trip should not go beyond 30 days as per policy or 49% of the entire coverage period that is mentioned on the coverage confirmation document.
If you have planned to travel outside of Canada for a long while within your coverage period, your coverage will not be terminated, but it will be suspended for the remainder of your side-trip. Your coverage will only start back once you come back to Canada.

Change The Effective Date

With Manulife super visa, your insurance policy will start on the effective date mentioned on the confirmation of your coverage official document. If you’re planning to change your travel plans and thereby need a change in the effective date, get in touch with us beforehand.
It must be noted that the effective date change can only be altered prior to the policy coming into effect.

Trip-Break Effects

For all visitors in Canada, trip breaks are available. These trip breaks will be given to anyone who chooses to visit their home country without terminating their insurance coverage provided by Manulife.
Also, remember that Manulife is not going to cover medical care costs you might incur in the country of your origin. If you want to avail trip break benefits, it’s important to get in contact with the Manulife Assistance center before going to your home country.

Waiting Periods

One of the best things about Manulife insurance for new immigrants is that the waiting period will be given to any person who purchases a Manulife insurance policy after they have arrived in Canada. However, if the insurance coverage is interrupted or has seen gaps, a waiting period won’t be given. It must also be noted that the waiting period will not be applied for any person who purchased their policy before coming to Canada and changed the effective date to their actual arrival date in Canada.
Please note that any expenses that are incurred due to sickness, which develops further during the waiting period, excluding physical injuries, will not be covered in this insurance plan despite the costs being incurred after the ending of the waiting period.
There are certain exclusions though, waiting periods can be waived for physical injuries picked up during the time of insurance coverage.
The complete details regarding coverage exclusions and eligibility criteria are mentioned in the policy document visitors receive from Manulife.

Policy Wording:

Policy wording shows the medical plan description that gives you a comprehensive explanation of all the details regarding the coverage. You should have exclusions, limitations, refunds, and all other features of the insurance plan. In order to avoid any ambiguities later, it’s better to go through this document very thoroughly.

Eligibility Criteria

A lot of people complain when they find themselves ineligible to get medical coverage. This is why it's crucial to learn about all the scenarios where you can be ineligible. You are not eligible to get the medical emergency coverage from Manulife if:
● The applicant is younger than 30 days or above 85 years of age.
● Your doctor has advised you not to travel.
● You have been recently diagnosed with a severe illness and the doctors have made it clear you won’t survive for more than 2 years.
● You have a kidney issue that needs dialysis.
● You have been using oxygen during the last year before applying for insurance.
● You have been diagnosed with any mental illness like dementia or Alzheimer’s.
● You’re living in a nursing facility, care home, or rehabilitation center.
● You need help to carry out the daily routine activities.

Conditions For Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Coverage:

Manulife super visa medical insurance provides twomedical emergency insurance plans:
1. Plan A: This plan does not include coverage for stable pre-existing medical conditions. For plan A, family coverage is available if all the family members fall under 60 years of age.
2. Plan B: This plan offers complete coverage for pre-existing medical conditions that have remained stable for the past 6 months before the effective date. Insurance for visitors and immigrants provided by Manulife encapsulates certain pre-existing medical conditions under plan B. However, these conditions should remain stable for at least 6 months immediately prior to the effective date of your policy. Furthermore, you will need to complete the medical questionnaire when applying to confirm that you’re eligible for the pre-existing medical coverage insurance plan.

Getting Refund

For refunds, it's important to note that you’re only eligible to avail of refunds if you haven’t made any claims against the policy, regardless of the claim size.

Full Premium Refunds

You can request a full refund if:
● Your super visa insurance plan given by Manulife is terminated before the effective date.
● You aren’t granted the super visa. You will be required to provide concrete proof of super visa rejection from IRCC.
● You filed a request to cancel the policy under 10 days after purchasing, given that you haven’t begun your trip to Canada.

Partial Premium Refunds

You can request a partial refund if:
● You’re planning for early departure or returning to your home country before the expiry date of the Manulife insurance policy. This refund will be calculated from the day you got back home.
● You’re eligible for a provincial medical insurance plan when the Manulife policy has still not expired. The partial refund will be calculated from the effective date when you’ve received the government coverage.
The least amount you can get for premium refunds is $25. Any amount less than this minimum amount will not be issued.