An Overview of Benefits

Benefit Coverage Limit
Eligible For Super Visa, Visitors, New Immigrants, Foreign Workers, Returning Canadians and IEC / Working Holiday
Coverage Amounts $10,000 / $25,000 / $50,000 / $100,000 / $150,000 / $200,000
Emergency Hospitalization
Emergency Medical Assistance
Laboratory Diagnostics / X-Rays Up to $10,000
Prescription Medications 30-day supply / Up to $5,000
Local Ambulance Services Up to $5,000
Private Duty Nurse Up to $10,000
Rental or Purchase of Medical Appliances Up to $5,000/td>
Services of chiropractor, osteopath, chiropodist, osteopath and physiotherapist. 50% of the cost / Up to $1,000
Dental Injury Treatment Up to $1,000
Out-of-pocket Expenses Up to $100 while hospitalized
Meals and Accommodation $100 a day / Up to $1,500
Emergency Return Home Up to $25,000
Repatriation / Cremation / Burial Up to $5,000
Return of Travelling Dependents Up to $2,000 for insured dependents
Escort of Travelling Dependents Up to $1,000 for a caregiver to accompany insured dependents home
Bedside Companion Transportation Up to $2,000

Ask for a change in the effective date

As the primary goal of Insurance4u is to provide our customers with satisfactory services, we aim to take care of every inconvenience for you. If you are an applicant for our INGLE assurance super visa, you can request for a change in the effective date of your policy before the start date of your coverage without any charge.
However, if you request for a change in the effective date after the confirmation of your coverage is finalized, you will have to pay an amount of $50 per such date change to INGLE. Essential Notice: As an applicant of INGLE international insurance, you cannot ask for a change in the effective date of your policy after two or more months of the beginning of your coverage

Insurance Coverage Benefits for brief International Trip

The short-trip break feature of INGLE international travel insurance allows the policy-holders to make short trips outside of Canada without cancelling the coverage. Your medical insurance policy will stay in effect, even when you are travelling back to your country of origin/citizenship for a short trip. However. Note that the cost incurred for any medical service outside Canada will not be covered under the INGLE health insurance policy.

Additional Sports Coverage

With INGLE assurance for visitors to Canada, you are free to include options like emergency medical coverage for any accident that might happen during any sports activities. For further information about such perks, get in touch with our insurance advisors to get first-hand knowledge about how you can make the most out of your insurance policy.

Compliant Waiting Period:

It is vital to keep in mind that the waiting period of five days for any emergency medical treatment for injuries or sickness will only be granted to those individuals who have purchased the insurance policy.
Other applied conditions of this waiting period are:
● Only after the expiration of a pre-existing insurance policy from INGLE.
● Only after you exit your country of origin/citizenship and enter Canada.
Essential Notice: If the applicants suffer from any medical illness or accident during the waiting period, the cost for the treatment will not be covered under this insurance policy.

Eligibility Requirements

If you meet the following requirements upon the effective date of your coverage, you are eligible for the INGLE international insurance policy for medical treatments.
● Your age ranges between 15 days old to 89 years old.
● You are not assured or eligible for any other government healthcare insurance policy in Canada.
● You are an individual with a healthy medical record and do not seek any immediate medical attention during your stay in Canada.
● You are not living in hospitality facilities, like nursing homes, convalescent homes, old-houses, or any rehabilitation center, without approval from the insurance company

Pre-existing Medical Conditions Coverage:

INGLE assurance policy aims to offer the most competitive prices along with Convenient features in the form of an effective insurance plan. INGLE proposes comprehensive coverage of pre-existing medical conditions with flexible rules and regulations. To benefit from such facilities, you must discuss your medical history with our insurance advisors when you are discussing your insurance policy. If you have a medical condition that might impact your health insurance, you will have to submit a detailed medical underwriting, approval from insurance advisors at INGLE, and an additional fee per company’s policy.

How to Report a Claim

If an individual has an emergency medical situation during the insurance policy and needs immediate medical attention, the person them self, or someone else’s on their behalf must call the emergency assistance center of INGLE to notify them about the situation so that they can open the required claim file mandatory for the coverage of medical treatments.
If the policy-holders fails to notify the company about the hospitalization within 24 hours of admission, the payable benefits can be reduced to 50%. Therefore, it is advised that you make sure INGLE knows if an accident occurs as soon as possible.
If you want to visit Canada without worrying about medical expenses, contact INGLE right away and enjoy a satisfactory and cost-effective health care insurance policy.