An Overview of Benefits

Benefit Coverage Limit
Eligible For Super Visa, Visitors, New Immigrants, Foreign Workers, Returning Canadians and IEC / Working Holiday
Coverage Amounts $10,000 / $25,000 / $100,000 / $150,000
Accidental Dental Repair $4,000
Dental Pain Relief Up to $500
Follow Up Treatment
Physiotherapist $500
Prescription Medication Up to $1,000 for 1 month supply
Transportation of Family/Friend Up to $3,000
Attendant Up to $500
Out-of-pocket Expenses Up to $1,500
Services of chiropractor, osteopath, etc. $500 per category
Bedside Companion Up to $3,000
Return of Deceased Up to $10,000
Cremation / Funeral Up to $4,000
Hospitalization v
Emergency Medical Care
Laboratory Diagnostics/X-Ray
Medical Coverage on Your Flight to Canada
Ambulance and Transportation Services
Registered Nurse Services Up to $10,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Rental of Medical Appliances Covered

Changing The Effective Date

If you’re looking to get the effective date changed on your Allianz health insurance policy, you should connect with us at your earliest. Make sure you do this before the start date of your coverage period. It must also be noted that date changes do not require any charges and the only condition is to get in touch with us prior to the start of your coverage.
When you have your policy updated, you will get an email that includes the letter of coverage official document. This document will have your new effective date.

Trip Breaks Perks

If you have purchased the global Allianz insurance, there is no need to terminate the medical insurance if you have decided to go home for a short while. The policy you have bought will remain active and valid for the additional entries to Canada before it expires. That being said, the medical expenses you incur in your home country will not be covered.

Waiting Period

If you have bought the Allianz medical insurance policy before departing from the country of origin or before your existing medical care plan expires, there will be no waiting period.
However, an individual can be subjected to a 48-hour waiting period in case:
● They purchased the policy after their existing Allianz insurance Canada policy expired.
● The policy was bought after exiting the country of origin.
However, it should be noted that all expenses that are related to injury or sickness that develops during the waiting period will not be covered with this insurance plan, even if these expenses came after the waiting period finished.

Side-Trips Benefits

You can be eligible for medical emergency coverage with the Allianz health insurance for visitors even if you’re traveling all around the world.
Within the side-trip benefits, the company will only cover the medical costs for emergencies that occur outside Canada. This also includes the country of your origin. To be eligible for this, you will have to spend more than 50% of your policy period time in Canada.

Deductible Type

If you have the visitors insurance from Allianz global insurance program your deductible amount will be according to the policy if you have selected any. This deduction by policy means that even if you have made several claims during the coverage period, you will only have to pay the deductible amount in full once. This is something you won’t see in any per claim deductible policy of any other insurance provider.

Policy Wording

The policy wording is an official document that provides a comprehensive overview of all the health benefits offered, the eligibility criteria, the coverage exclusions, and much more. We recommend that you thoroughly read the plan description of this document.

Criteria For Eligibility

In order to be eligible for Allianz coverage, as of the effective date, the individual should be at least 15 days old and not more than 89 years of age. Moreover, all the applicants should not be eligible or insured with any provincial insurance plans in Canada. They should also be in a fine state of health at the time of policy purchase and the date of departing from the origin country.
This coverage will not be available for any purchaser who, as of their effective date:
● Have been diagnosed with a chronic illness
● Have been told that they have stage 3 or 4 cancer, cancer in the lungs, pancreas, bones, or liver. Also, if the person has been receiving treatment for any cancer other than basal, skin cancer, or breast cancer, in the past three months, they cannot be eligible. Breast cancer and skin cancer are exceptions if they can be treated with hormone therapy.
● Needs help with their daily routine activities

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions For Coverage

The Allianz visitor insurance global assistance covers all stable pre-existing medical conditions. These conditions should bestable for a particular period of time, which is right before the start date of the policy.
● For applicants that are 59 years of age and under, their coverage will automatically be included for the pre-existing medical conditions. These conditions should be stable for at least 3 months and immediately before the effective date.
● For applicants that are 60 to 79 years of age, coverage will be automatically included for the pre-existing medical conditions. The conditions should be stable for at least 180 days immediately before the effective date. However, this should exclude any heart issues, stroke, or even mini-stroke. If there is any such issue, a medical questionnaire should be completed and the applicant must get it approved by Allianz Global Assistance.
● For applicants that are 80 to 89 years of age, they will have to complete the medical questionnaire and get it approved by Allianz global assistance if they want coverage to be included in the pre-existing medical conditions.
If you want to request a copy of the medical questionnaire, get in touch with our insurance advisors at your earliest.

Refund Policy

It must be noted that refunds are not available if the claim has started, is pending, or paid for

Premium refunds

Full refunds are only available for people who:
● Terminate their Allianz Global assistance insurance policy within the first 10 days after purchase but before the effective date.
● Terminate their whole trip to Canada before the effective date. That said, a cancellation fee will apply.
● Experienced a rejection for their application for Super Visa

Partial Premium Refunds:

Partial refunds are given to individuals, who:
● Terminate their insurance policy because of early departure to their home country without intending to return to Canada.
● Are eligible and are covered by the provincial health insurance plan in Canada.
Partial refunds depend on the daily insurance premiums and some days that are left on the policy prior to the expiry date. However, the cancellation fee may apply. Refund will not be issued if it is less than the minimum premium that is $20.